BAHIA — Edition für Übertragung, Text und Bild

BAHIA is a platform that showcases international writers in German translation. Their growing archive of contemporary writing presents well-known and emerging writers from all over the world. BAHIA opposes nationalisms.


[bla] is a non-profit autonomous collective formed and maintained by volunteers involved in grass-roots activist groups and networks across Europe. [bla] provide equipment and support for simultaneous interpretation in multilingual gatherings.

Berliner Initiative

“Berliner Initiative” is an independent cross-association network of professional interpreters working to support volunteer lay interpreters involved with refugees.

Drama Panorama

Drama Panorama is a forum linking the work of theatre translators and playwrights with theatre practitioners and theatres. It organises workshops, readings and panel discussions on topics related to international theatre exchange.


intertextuel{l} is an association of freelance translators, editors, copyeditors and interpreters.


Interprise is a group of people with interpreting experience from Leipzig, Germany. Their goal is to support groups and initiatives that oppose political, social or cultural power structures. They also aim to raise awareness about the importance of interpreting.


lingua•trans•fair is a global network of freelancers committed to multilingual communication.

Theaterbündnis Blumenstrauß e.V.

Theaterbündnis Blumenstrauß e.V. defines as a collective of theatre pedagogues, teachers and artists who work to support emancipatory cultural education.